Member Testimonials



Fitness Move is a new, innovative company bringing wellbeing to the workplace. Anna and her membership team at the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce have been invaluable to us as we develop our client base and build synergistic relationships with other local businesses. The Hutt Chamber is always there is assist with promotions and member to member offers or other helpful suggestions to develop our skills in business.


Patricia, Managing Director & Leia, Programme Director

Fitness Move Ltd


“We joined the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce 6 ½ years ago, when we started our business. We have enjoyed the benefits of belonging to a very proactive Chamber, having taken advantage of the many training opportunities provided. These enable us to keep up with what is happening in our Industry and beyond.

Their small but cohesive staff have always been friendly and professional to deal with. ‘They have a can do attitude’ and certainly encouraged us to take up the advertising opportunities available. A highlight for us has been taking part in the Business Expo in 2015. “

Michele Eleio



I was introduced to the Hutt Valley Chambers of Commerce during a business bootcamp I attended. I was so impressed with what HVCC was offering its members that I accepted their offer of becoming a member.

As an HVCC member there is a treasure trove of knowledge and business experiences members have access to. Many of the workshops and seminars are free to members. I have attended many of these, and every one of them has been worth every penny.

I am a life skills trainer in the process of developing my training material and it gets a bit lonely being a sole trader, so the Business after Five organised by HVCC is a wonderful way of meeting field experts and other businesses and enjoy the wonderful HVCC hospitality.

I would like to thank the HVCC team for their hard work, commitment and making me feel I am an important part of a business community. I look forward to a successful future together.


Ambreen Khan-Evans

HVCC Member since June 2015



I have been attending Hut Valley Chamber events for quite a number of years, initially through the insurance agency I worked for previously, and latterly when I formed my company in 2008. I chose to join in my own right because the Hutt chamber is so vibrant and energetic in providing a platform for its members to rub shoulders with other like-minded business people from all walks of life that ordinarily one would never get meet.

The atmosphere created by the Chamber staff is very welcoming. The Chamber offers a great education opportunity for SME’s to avail themselves of the many diverse business training sessions on offer designed to aid local businesses to be the best they can be.

I would recommend any small business to join a local chamber most especially if it is an energetic chamber like the Hutt Chamber.


Celia Birdling, City Medical Brokers



This is to say I have benefitted a number of ways in my 20 year membership of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.

In my early days of business I was somewhat green in a number of areas. I had a technical background as an Electronics Technician but very little experience in promoting/selling, my services, or in finance and budgeting.

By attending a number of Chamber training and coaching sessions I was able to bring myself up to speed in these areas and make contact with the right professionals to help.

In addition, over the years, I have attended many of the business after five functions facilitated by the Chamber. These are a great opportunity to meet likeminded business people in a networking environment to share ideas and pickup new business opportunities and also give a bigger picture of business in the valley.

I have always viewed the membership fee an investment and if the many discounts, available through the Chamber, are taken advantage of the fee is covered anyway.

I believe the HVCOC is one of the most active in New Zealand and I can certainly recommend its services to those in business.


Brian Christensen

NZCE (Telecom.)Registered Electronics Technician


For me, the Hutt Chamber of Commerce is a great support and definitely has helped me to develop my business and build great relationships with other businesses.

How HVCC has helped my business grow:

As a sounding board & critique when I had to do my first big presentation using Power Point.

Marketing (business expos, newsletters)

Networking & building fantastic relationships (for sales & alliances)

Learning and development (business and personal)

Referrals & lead generation


The people at the HVCC are very easy to approach and work with. The atmosphere is informal and relaxing, yet at the same time very professional. Like most things if you reach out and ask for help, or put the effort in and attend events, you will benefit greatly from it.


Karline de Boer



“Our small new start-up company joined the Hutt Valley Chamber in September 2015. Our short relationship with Hutt Chamber has an unexpected gem of a benefit. That is connecting our business into other cities around NZ; to local and central government agencies, and most importantly to people on the ground and use of local facilities, in places as diverse and far off as Dunedin and Southland. This has all happened because of the Hutt Chamber’s affiliation with other associated Chambers of Commerce.”

Ockie Simmonds - Director


Safety Management Systems

Aotearoa Ltd - SMSA


I have really enjoyed my time so far being a HVCC member. They are such an active Chamber and I have been to many great events hosted with them. Some of these are the many Business After 5's, The Business Expo, The BNZ tech series and also some of the numerous training courses they put on.

The team at the Chamber is really good to deal with and reply very quickly! Really looking forward to the next year with the Chamber and will be looking at becoming a Bronze or higher partner!


Keegan Walls - Outaboundz



I think you offer a great service to small businesses, exactly how a Chamber should work, and even though I'm Wellington CBD based I come out to Hutt for these events, and I really rate Hutt Chamber for understanding and delivering to the business community. Something I haven't come across with any other Chamber. 10 out of 10 from me :)

Helen Joronen, Green Keeper Systems


We planned to run a lunch time lead generation event with one of our longstanding clients, Steve Lange, Immediate Past owner of Tony’s Tyre Service, at the Dockside Restaurant and Bar in Wellington.

Our main channel for marketing this event was the Hutt Chamber of Commerce.

We used the Hutt Chamber of Commerce email newsletter facilities to market this event. The service was very easy to use and was run by Renee Walkinshaw from the Chamber.

This service was great value for money.

We were able to reach our out target audience without making any follow up calls. We had 22 people register through this email campaign. The venue could hold a maximum of 73 people, we had a total of 89 registrations.

The event was so over subscribed we had to run a second event on 28/6/11, which was also promoted using the same service.

Our big thanks to the Team at the Hutt Chamber for doing such an outstanding job. You have done a great job of attracting members and keeping them by adding value.

Sam & Jennette Visvalingam Owners, Working Success Limited


This email is to extend my warmest, heartfelt congratulations to Renee, Amber, David and Anna (and Charlotte) for an exceptional evening. I had not sure of what to expect. From the first moment - arriving at the venue to walk on a beautiful red carpet, see gorgeous candle and flower arrangements to glamorous people – I felt transported to another place. I have to say I was so surprised and impressed.


The dinner area was set up stunningly, I loved the table I sat at and the company I shared, the MC was great, fantastic the idea of balloons at the table of each winner, great food, great service, fantastic presentations, loved the whole process of how the awards were handed out and what was shown in the background. The timing of everything was superb.


Having organized many international events in my life – I was so very impressed with the caliber of all the attention to detail, how it flowed – everything.

A huge thank you and I shall be back next year!


Jaqueline Benndorf, The Learning Connexion


It is with great pleasure I can give such a glowing testimonial.

Every small to medium enterprise (SME) needs a place they can call upon for support, business knowledge, networking to meet like minded people and connect with other potential prospects. The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce (HVCC) is a hub that connects people and knowledge together to create a support service for SMEs. As an owner of a SME business, I understand how important customer service is and HVCC are the very essence of the word. Whether it is promoting an event, organising a function or sending out deals to their members, they get things done quickly and are helpful at every step of the process. The team is always a pleasure to work with and I have been pleased with the service and professionalism I have received over the years. I highly recommend the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce for every person in business whether you are in the Hutt Valley or in the greater Wellington region. GoFi8ure are proud to be working as a golf sponsor alongside the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Lisa Martin, Managing Director, Go Figure 2005 Limited, Gold Partner



I joined the Hutt Valley Chamber on September 2013 and honestly I was a little unsure of the business benefit I would gain from it. However since their fees are so reasonable I decided to take the leap and join them. I have been completely blown away by the results. I have attended a number of functions and try to make sure that I attend the Business breakfast every month and so far I have been very impressed with the caliber of the presenter and the quality plus value of their message. The networking opportunities it has given me are fabulous and I have been introduced to other businesses and potential customers that I may never have been introduced to otherwise. The Business After 5 events not only give me added Networking opportunities but the speakers are interesting as well as informative, providing valuable business information and constantly surprising me. I have also attended a couple of their training courses that have provided some extremely valuable insights into successfully running a business. The staff are always very helpful, cheerful and friendly while still maintaining professionalism. They are a very progressive Chamber and are constantly looking for ways to support and advance business in the Hutt Valley. I would recommend that every business in the Hutt Valley become a member and attend as many of the Chamber functions as their busy life allows. You may be surprised by the value you gain from attending even events that are seemingly unrelated to what you do.


Chris Blockley, Sales and Customer Service Manager, Gel-e