Education to Vocational Employment Pathways

This programme of work is to help our employers address the ongoing labour and skills shortages that are recognised as the single biggest barrier to local business confidence and growth

In 2019 the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt City Council, tendered for and won two government contracts to work more closely with our local schools and students in years 11-13.

Our work in this area is focused on working with schools and local businesses to encourage more of our young people to consider vocational education as a pathway into employment.

We have a number of initiatives underway for 2020-2021 including:

  • Speakers in Schools
  • Speed Meets
  • Student site visits to places of industry
  • A new Education to Employment Coordination Service
  • Vocational Careers Showcase at the 2020 Wellington Business Expo

Alongside our community partners, we aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for young people and their teachers to connect to local work opportunities, exploring industry-specific careers while in school
  • Enhance young people’s perspectives on vocational education and ‘earn while you learn’ pathways
  • Showcase trades and service industry careers to young people and their families, whanau and educators
  • Engage the business community in the local education community
  • Engage with other community stakeholders to support young people into vocational careers.
The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to a long-term strategy of bringing together the local business community and education sector, and raising the profile of vocational and trade and service-related careers for all our young people.


Speed Meets

‘Meet and Greet’ events to get schools and local employers together.

Apprenticeship Funding

Find out what assistance you could get as an employer.

Education to Employment Coordination Service

We are working alongside schools and local employers to support vocational education.

Student Site Visits

As part of our Education to Employment Programme, we organise student site visits to local trade industries to give them a real world understanding of the world of work.

Addressing Labour Shortages

Our Regular Quarterly Business Survey consistently tells us that labour shortages are a major challenge for our business community.

Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE)

In 2019 the Government announced plans to completely restructure vocational education. RoVE was initiated as a direct response to ongoing labour and skill shortages.

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